81725 - Purple Stuff

Dilute up to 1:20


A strong high alkaline, concentrated water based degreaser for quickly removing grease, oil, dirt and road grime.

Fragrance free.


Sizes: 1/5/30/55 gal

SDS Sheet

81741 - Splat Bug Off

Dilute up to 1:48

The superior concentrated cleaner that can be diluted 48 to 1. Depending on dwell time. Works great for the removal of bugs, bug residue and soft tree sap from all vehicle finishes. Can be used on grill, hoods, and windows. Product is biodegradable. Fragrance-free.


Sizes: 1/5/30/55 gal

SDS Sheet

81828 - Carnauba Dream Shine

A wipe on/wipe off formula that is formulated with nano polymers and #1 Brazilian Carnauba wax to deliver brilliant deep gloss shine and protection. Fragrance-free.


Sizes: 32oz, 1/5/55 gal


SDS Sheet

81832 - Wax-N-Shine

Fastest way to wax your car! A spray on/ wipe off wax that is designed to remove fingerprints, dust and smudges from glass, painted surfaces and chrome leaving a buttery, high gloss shine.


Size: 32 oz, 1/5/55 gal

SDS Sheet

81901 - Blue Tire Dressing

Our most economical solvent-based dressing is fast-drying while leaving a dark gloss, non-stick shine. Long lasting and highly durable; blue dressing is water resistant and contains UV and ozone protectors. Watermelon fragrance.


Sizes: 1/5/55 gal

SDS Sheet

81952 - Cherry Scent

Ready to use liquids that eliminates stale, musty odors and provides a long lasting scent, which freshens the air and eliminates offensive odors. Non-staining.


Also Comes In

953 - ORANGE CITRUS                       965 - PINA COLADA

954 - VANILLA                                      967 - GREEN APPLE

955 - HOT CINNAMON                         970 - BUBBLE GUM

956 - NEW LEATHER                           971 - JASMINE

959 - BABY POWDER                          972 - STRAWBERRY

960 - FRESH CAR                                973 - LEMON LIME

961 - NEW CAR                                    976 - SPRING COTTON


Size: 1 gal

SDS Sheet

82501 - Hot Foamy Pre-Soak

Dilute up to 1:300-400
Super concentrated high pH foaming presoak. High foaming & free rinsing. Outstanding cleaning, & good visual appeal with strong alkalinity for extra cleaning power. Designed for friction rollovers & tunnels. Great hard water performance.


Sizes: 5/30/55 gal

SDS Sheet

82502 - H / D Alkaline Presoak

Dilute up to 1:350, Non-Friction 1:100


Ultra concentrated caustic high pH presoak. Good foam. State of the art surfactants penetrate & loosen heavy traffic film & bug residues from exterior vehicle surfaces. The most dilutable presoak we make.


Sizes: 5/30/55 gal

SDS Sheet

82506 - Ultra Concentrated Low pH Presoak

Dilute up to 1:350, Non-Friction 1:100


Great high foam cleaning action penetrates & loosens road soil & bug residues without scrubbing. Step one of a two step process. Contains HF.

Sizes: 5/30/55 gal

SDS Sheet

82508 - Foamy Low pH Presoak/Shampoo

Dilute up to 1:200, Non-Friction 1:75


Super concentrated. Great cleaning action with tons of low pH foam. Works as tunnel wrap lubricant & cleaner to stop & remove black slime. Contains no HF. Designed for friction rollovers & tunnels.


Sizes: 5/30/55 gal

SDS Sheet

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