8B - E-Z Clean Heavy Duty

E-Z Clean-HD (Heavy Duty) is an ultra-concentrate upholstery shampoo specifically formulated for use on interior fabrics. Works great on cloth or velour as well as carpets and vinyl

Sizes: 16oz/1/5 gal

SDS Sheet

10-QT - Paint Sealant

Paint Sealant is a high-tech non-abrasive polymer sealant. This quick dry formula combines superior, long lasting gloss with maximum durability. This is the latest defense against fading and oxidation caused by environmental contaminants and harmful ultra violet exposure from the sun. Paint Sealant is easy to use, unlike other sealants. Can be hand or machine applied. New VOC compliant formula is better than ever.

Sizes: 32oz

SDS Sheet

15 - E-Z Wax Paste Yellow

E-Z Wax® Paste produces a glossy, wet-looking surface. Also contains advanced polymers for extra long-lasting protection. The polymers bond to the paint like never before. They penetrate and protect your paint against environmental attack. Road grime, bugs, grease and dirt clean easily from this waxed coating. The wax also fills minor swirls and scratches to further beautify your vehicle. Easy to use and won’t leave a chalky powder residue. Now better than ever, this ozone safe, VOC compliant paste wax is your choice for extra-durable gloss and protection

Sizes: 13oz

SDS Sheet

21 - Fabric & Carpet Cleaner

Fabric and Carpet Cleaner is a low foaming, heavy duty interior cleaner for use in hot or cold water extraction machines.Rinses without leaving a soapy residue. Can also be used a a pre-spot.

Sizes: 1/5 gal

SDS Sheet

22 - Strawberry Wet Wax

A non-abrasive, premium carnauba cream wax for use on clearcoat and conventional paint finishes. Creates long lasting, deep high gloss with added protection. May be applied by hand, orbital buffer, or variable speed polisher. Excellent for use with foam pads. Great strawberry scent! VOC compliant

Sizes: 16oz/1 gal

SDS Sheet

24 - Purple Blaze

Purple Blaze™ is a quick-flash carnauba express wax that is perfect for adding gloss, enhancing depth and brightening paint. This dust-free, VOC compliant product quickly enhances and brightens paint finishes. It’s the perfect wax for express detailing. The unique emulsion formula also has cleaning capabilities that will remove dirt and grime from the pores of the paint. It can be applied by hand, orbital, or variable speed polisher using foam pads. This dust-free product is perfect for all paint finishes on cars, trucks, cycles, boats, and planes.

Sizes: 16oz / 1 gal

SDS Sheet

25 - Enzyme Pre-Spot

Enzyme Pre-Spot attaches to protein-based stains and devours them in minutes. Consumes the toughest food, grass, soil, blood, and pet stains. Enzyme Pre-Spot can be used safely on carpet, fabric and upholstery. Also effective for eliminating odor causing bacteria. Concentrated formula. Dilute 32 to 1

Sizes: 1 gal

SDS Sheet

30 - Clear Shine

Clear Shine is a superior solvent based, non-silicone exterior dressing. Designed to provide excellent gloss with extended product durability. Great for use on tires, rubber molding, trim, unpainted rubber bumpers and fender wells. Body shop safe

Sizes: 1/5 gal

SDS Sheet

33 - Magic Dressing

A solvent-based superior exterior dressing for hard surface material such as tires, vinyl, and trim. Extra long-lasting high gloss with water repellent protection.

Sizes: 16oz/1/5/55 gal

SDS Sheet

35 - E-Z Suds

E-Z Suds™ Liquid Concentrate is a superior high suds shampoo for cleaning exterior vehicle surfaces. Cuts road film, soil, dirt, and grease effortlessly. Rinses easily for less wipe down time and leaves the surface sparkling clean. Great lemon scent!

Sizes: 16oz/1/5/55 gal

SDS Sheet

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