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SONAX - A Success Since 1950

Through intensive research and development, SONAX constantly improves and expands its product portfolio. For more then 68 years , the brand has been synonymous with the highest standards and constant advancement in the car care sector. Innovation, keen feel for market demands, excellent product performance and continuous engagements in international motorsport have played a major role in our success. All SONAX products are developed and manufactured in Neuburg, Germany. The SONAX Research and Development Team's Continuous Innovation ensures that SONAX products are constantly meeting the demands of the market.

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SONAX Ceramic Spray Coating provides durable protection in just a few minutes.  SONAX Si-Carbon technology protects your vehicle's paint from dirt, insects, road grime and salt much longer than conventional wax. Restores colors while providing an extreme hydrophobic effect and a mirror-like shine.

Apply SONAX Ceramic Spray Coating to any exterior hard surfaces of your vehicle including paint, plastics, chrome, moldings, and wheels.

Excellent refresher with increased longevity for existing sealants and coatings.

SONAX Ceramic Ultra Slick Detailer is an excellent maintenance quick detailer that allows your vehicle to stay cleaner longer between washes.  SONAX Si-Carbon adds next level technology to product a super-slick gloss with incredible depth and shine.  Renews sealants and existing ceramic coatings with an incredible beading effect.

Safe to use on all exterior surfaces of your vehicle.